Vacu-Lift Celebrate 50 Years in Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacu-Lift, our vacuum lifting equipment manufacturer, based in Emsdetten in Germany, has recently celebrated 50 years in business. In doing so they have created a new company video depicting some of their story with some very interesting early photos and footage.

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4 Tips on Selecting the Right Lifting Equipment

Keeping your staff safe on site – and working to their full potential – is not only about procedures and systems. It can sometimes come down to selecting the right equipment to get the job done efficiently and carefully.

When it comes to choosing and using lifting equipment, you need to be sure your choices get the job done swiftly, without any risk to your team or site infrastructure and materials.

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3 Things all Tradesmen Know about Working Outdoors

From fearing being rained off to having a scaffolding-related nightmare to tell, anyone who has ever worked outdoors in the construction industry will know the highs and the lows of the trade.

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Tips for the Safe Use of Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifting equipment is extremely useful for handling heavy or unwieldy loads. However, it is important that it is used safely. Here’s a quick overview of the general rules for the safe use of vacuum lifting equipment.

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The Highs of DIY – Staying Safe

DIY jobs can involve working at height. Painting and decorating, window cleaning, gutter repairs, clipping hedges, pruning trees – all can have you dangling off the end of a ladder and wondering “Is this really such a good idea?”

Here are six simple tips for keeping yourself safe.

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Safety Tips for Operating Vacuum Lifting Equipment in Winter

As the summer disappears and the winter weather approaches, it’s time to consider how to use your vacuum lifting equipment safely out on site, regardless of the conditions.

Here are some tips on how to keep calm and carry on lifting, whatever the weather.

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Lifting Equipment 101

If your trade means that you are regularly working outdoors, it is important that you are fully kitted out with the appropriate lifting equipment. Having good quality and reliable equipment will ensure that your loads are safely lowered and lifted, whatever the outdoor conditions.

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Ensure Your Loads are Safe with a Crane Scale

When operating lifting equipment, it is imperative that you are aware of the weight of your load – particularly when lifting cumbersome or heavy loads – and with good reason.

Cranes, hoists, slings and other types of lifting equipment all have their own safe working load, which is a limit on the total weight they can safely lift without negatively impacting the equipment, running the risk of damaging the load or even being a risk to the health and safety of the operative.

Oftentimes, common sense will dictate that a load is safe (for example, lifting a small load of polycarbonate chairs on a crane or hoist capable of lifting in excess of lifting 500kg). However, there will be instances when it’s not entirely clear whether a load will be within the Safe Working Load limits – which is where crane scales come in.

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The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in Construction

When working on a construction site, and when working at extreme heights, the safety needs and requirements of all workers is incredibly important. To keep everyone protected, workers and employers must ensure that personal protective equipment and related safety kits and machinery is on site and used accordingly. It is very important that lifting equipment conforms to current safety standards and that users are safe while operating and using this equipment.

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Hand Chain Lifting Hoists – A Quick Guide

There are lots of available options when you are considering what type of lifting equipment you require to perform your chosen task. If you are considering the use of chain lifting hoists, then there are several questions that you need to ask before choosing the right chain lifting hoist and using it correctly.

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Photo: The Hoist by Grace5mith licensed under Creative commons 4

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