4 Tips on Selecting the Right Lifting Equipment

Keeping your staff safe on site – and working to their full potential – is not only about procedures and systems. It can sometimes come down to selecting the right equipment to get the job done efficiently and carefully.

When it comes to choosing and using lifting equipment, you need to be sure your choices get the job done swiftly, without any risk to your team or site infrastructure and materials.

1. Money Matters

Of course, competitively priced lifting equipment is going to be near the top of your list of priorities. But when used on sites where time (and health and safety) is everything, prioritising cost over durable, quality equipment may mean your low-quality choice leads to damage, delays and worse. Cheapest is not always best.

With a clear spec for what you want, make sure you compare like with like, to get the balance of benefits and price that comes with reliability and quality engineering.

2. Load Weight and Environment

When deciding which lifting equipment to use, taking time to plan it out in detail is a wise investment.

This includes things like considering not just the likely weight of the load, but also things such as the temperature and moisture level on the site.

This can determine, for example, whether vacuum lifting equipment would be effectual or whether you need to avoid rigging with components that become unreliable in extreme temperatures.

3. Think Long Term

When investing in lifting equipment, choose the option likely to last you the longest not just in terms of durability but also functionality.

You may need to go beyond your current weight spec and buy equipment that can handle heavier loads, ready for when your company diversifies or grows its services.

4. Support and Parts

Another factor when deciding which lifting equipment to buy is how easy it will be to maintain and repair on site. You may need to talk to your chosen lifting equipment suppliers about any particular challenges you face, to make sure that further down the line you don’t have to deal with delays in maintaining equipment or fitting any new parts that are required.

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