Are Your Height Safety Team Safe?

The average weight of males in North Western Europe has increased over the last 30 years so, when using height safety equipment, its important that you check the operatives weight including tools. If this exceeds 100 kg, you are required to use PPE that is suitable for weights above 100 kg according to CNB/P/11.062.

The element with the lowest capacity always determines the maximum capacity of the entire height safety system. Tractel, is the first to supply a complete range of 150 kg rated height safety equipment that meets European regulations.

You can buy the new ‘High Capacity’ range here at Anglia Handling Services.

You can view the entire safety presentation here:

The products in this range have been tested to stop a fall for weights up to 150 kg (weight of person including equipment) with an impact less than 600 daN

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