Crane Fork Safety Basket

Our Crane Forks Safety Basket is the safest way to ensure complete integrity of your load whilst lifting with a standard crane fork. It has been specifically manufactured to work with our 2000 kg crane forks, both manual and automatic versions.

Should a load become loose whilst lifting, our crane fork basket allows for complete piece of mind. Nothing will ever fall and the entire contents will be safe and secure.










Our basket can be loaded and unloaded from two sides, meaning that the crane fork doesn’t have to be removed in order for you to remove the contents within.








Key Features:

  • Can be loaded/unloaded at two sides meaning crane fork can remain in position.
  • Low gradient heavy duty ramp allows easy loading/unloading with a hand pallet truck removing the need for machinery.
  • Crane fork tines slot into the basket floor to ensure safe & easy movement.











Capacity: 1600 kg

Width: 1500 mm
Depth: 1500 mm
Height: 1350 mm
Max. Pallet Width: 1400 mm
Max. Pallet Depth: 1200 mm


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