Demag Manulift Electric Chain Hoist

Until now, Demag have offered their Manulift electric chain hoist in lifting capacities up to 250 kg. The range has now been extended to an increased lifting capacity of 500 kg.

The Demag Manulift has the lifting controls combined in the hook block to allow for one handed operation to control the lifting/lowering and also the position of the load. This design makes the hoist ideal for ‘pick and place’ operations on a production line.

Now available in capacities from 80 – 500 kg

A conventional set up has the operator using one hand on the load and the other hand on the control pendant. In some cases, the operator may need two hands to safely lift and guide the load and position it safely and reliably. So with the combined Demag Manulift controls this can be achieved easily.

Another feature of the Demag Manulift electric chain hoist is the ability to quickly remove the hook and replace it with another attachment. Using a quick release fitting, a standard or bespoke end fitting can be used such as a grab or a different hook.

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