Keep Your Workers Warm This Winter

The winter weather is fast approaching, and just as with hot weather conditions, cold weather can have an adverse effect on your employees. With the changing of seasons comes the requirement to update work gear, and this includes what your workers wear.

Wearing the right clothing can protect them from the elements and halt winter-induced illnesses like chilblains and frostbite, as well as preventing slips and falls. These items of clothing will give your team the correct protection whilst allowing them to carry on with their work.

Thermal Work Boot Socks

Socks should be thermal to keep the heat in, but they should also be in a breathable fabric too to prevent any infections or foot conditions. Wool or wool blend is a safe bet, as the textile whicks away any moisture from the skin while keeping toes cosy.


Similar to a bandana, a buff is made up of two layers of fabric that protect you from the elements and keep you warm. You can wear this piece of clothing round your head (under your hard hat), and on your neck or wrist. It’s also wind resistant, so perfect for stormy British weather.

High Vis

It goes without saying that the short days and long, dark morning and evenings (sometimes even afternoons!) have a serious impact on visibility. A reflective, waterproof jacket is required to keep your workers safe and warm. You can also get high vis overalls and rain suits if necessary. Head lamps may boost visibility.

Building surveyor in hi vis carrying work folders and calculator

Hand & Toe Warming Packs

Keep your site safe by keeping your workers warm. A hand and toe warming pack is a good quick fix while workers are on the go, and ensures employees have feeling in their hands and toes, which is pertinent to site safety.

Winter Gloves

Regular gloves worn on site the rest of the year are not useful for workers by November and December. It’s recommended you upgrade to winter gloves that are heavyweight, have grip and are insulated.


A wool or thermal hat worn under a hard hat adds warmth for outdoor workers in rugged conditions.

Above and beyond clothing safety and precautions in winter, you should ensure your site is ready for tougher working conditions. Your lifting equipment should be maintained and ready for use, regardless of the weather. Contact us today if you need more lifting equipment and machinery in time for winter.

Photo: First Finished Glove by Kelly Sue licensed under Creative commons 5

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