Multi Trolley Furniture Mover

The Multi Trolley lets ONE person single-handedly move heavy, awkward items of home and office furniture, such as desks, sofas and beds, without any heavy lifting.

The Multi Trolley eliminates the need for 2 operators, so it will save you time and money but more importantly, move items safely without any back injuries!

Ideal for removal companies, schools, offices, hospitals, libraries as well as many other applications.

Simply adjust the uprights on the Multi Trolley to suit the item to be moved and manually locate it. Manually tilt the Multi Trolley 90 degrees on to its castors and move. Safely roll away.

See the video on our You Tube channel: Multi Trolley

For more information or advice on our range of Multi Trolley, please contact us on +44 (0) 1767 312125 or email us at



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