Not Your Typical Dock-Side Crane…

Here at Anglia Handling, we are used to seeing lifting equipment in a wide variety of different situations, but recently we’ve come across what has to rank as the most unusual use for a crane that we’ve ever seen.

A Bar in a Crane…?

More than a century ago, iconic whiskey creators Whyte and Mackay were founded upon the docks of Glasgow, and in the last few weeks they have acknowledged this long-standing relationship with the docks in a very unique way. On Glasgow docks, there is a crane that has stood in place for 107 years, and, to commemorate their 170th anniversary, Whyte and Mackay held a special ‘pop-up’ bar in the side of this crane.

Situated more than 100 feet up in the air, the Whyte and Mackay bar was found in the wheelhouse of this venerable crane between the 2nd and the 6th June, and allowed visitors – up to eight at once – to sit and view the Scottish panorama for miles around. Of course, what we find to be truly impressive is that the colossal crane in question is still standing after more than 100 years; a true testament to the excellence of the engineering in bygone years.

The Longevity of Lifting Equipment

Obviously, it’s no small feat for a 100 year old crane to still be safe enough to house a number of people for a bar function. According to The Scotsman, the ‘Titan’ crane has undergone substantial refurbishment in recent years, but at the time of its building it represented the pioneering electrical cantilever crane and the largest example of its kind. It’s now one of the most popular attractions in all of Scotland; not bad for a piece of lifting equipment!

Although you might not be planning on using your lifting equipment in such a way (and honestly…we’d be fairly surprised if you were), you’ll doubtless want it to remain just as robust for the longest possible timeframe, and that’s exactly where we can help. The professionals here at Anglia Handling can not only offer a flexible lifting gear hire service, but we can also ensure that all of your existing lifting equipment is fully tested and up to scratch.

With our help, all of your lifting equipment will be totally compliant, and also in a consistently good condition. You may not need it for 100 years, but you’ll certainly be able to rely on it for as long as you need it. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling +44 (0) 1767 312125 or emailing

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