Record Breaking Lifting Equipment

We all get very excited when people break world records, especially when it comes down to things like feats of strength, which are always hugely impressive to behold. However, mechanical lifters have been breaking records for many years too, and it’s fair to say that lifting gear has done things that we’d never have thought were possible. Here are a few of the standout facts that we’ve heard of.


The TAISUN Crane (pictured above) is perhaps the most notable heavy duty piece of lifting equipment in the world. Able to hoist loads that are up to 120 metres wide, this offshore crane can lift a truly staggering 20000 metric tonnes. Proudly acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records, the TAISUN is a genuine record breaker.

Dual Crawler Cranes

Two people are stronger than one, and two cranes are similarly stronger than one on its own. Two fairly commonplace cranes were combined at a U.S Navy shipyard to move almost 1,000 US tons. Whilst the capabilities of the individual cranes may not have been exceptional, together they were able to smash the previous records that had been posted at the shipyard.

Two-Stage Lifting

In 2013, a heavy lifting machine in Texas completed a two-stage lift that necessitated the hoisting of 1338 tonnes at 54 metres outreach. The burden in question was removed from a height of 100 metres in the air, and ultimately had to be replaced atop the platform after the lift had been performed. This lift was especially notable because the oil refinery in question remained operational whilst the crane was at work.

Record Breaking Beams

In May this year, a single-point lifting beam was developed with a lifting capacity of 700 tonnes. The culmination of a 4 year project, the feat required the lifting of a number of vast water filled bags, and the eventual lift broke two world records, with the beam in question becoming the most robust non-fixed lifting beam in existence.

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