3 Things all Tradesmen Know about Working Outdoors

From fearing being rained off to having a scaffolding-related nightmare to tell, anyone who has ever worked outdoors in the construction industry will know the highs and the lows of the trade.

The All-Year-Round Tan and Happier Attitude

One of the perks of working outside for tradesmen and women is a slightly vain one – only admitted by the truly brave. But being able to get the most of the sun while your office worker friends are trapped in a windowless space definitely makes you feel a bit smug. From those early April days to the last hurrah of sunshine in October, working outdoors gives you the chance to keep an all-year-round healthy-looking glow.

Plus, a study for the Office of National Statistics found those who work outside are happier than those who spend more time indoors, so there we go.

The Right Lifting Equipment is Essential

If this one is messed up, you know you’re in trouble. As all good tradespeople know, finding a genuine and safety-conscious provider is essential to ensure your safety is not compromised when you or your staff are out on a job. Looking for lifting equipment can be stressful. Trying to find reputable lifting equipment suppliers can you leave you scratching your head, especially if you’re travelling to a new area of the UK or need to hire it at the last minute.

From making certain your loads are safe with a crane scale or to helping you navigate vacuum lifters for the first time, Anglican Handling is there to offer advice and support every step of the way. We are easy to get in touch with and have friendly, experienced workers who know the industry well.

The Banter Makes it all Worth While

From sending the new kid off to pick up a can of tartan paint to always having someone else’s newspaper to pinch, one of the undeniable perks of working outdoors or in construction is the friendship you will strike up with your fellow workers. Stuck on a site for nine hours a day (or let’s be honest, slightly less on a Friday), a deep bond is often formed with those you will no doubt share a drink with at the pub (or a car ride home) after a long day.

Need reliable lifting equipment for your next job? Contact us at Anglia Handling by calling 01767 312 125 to find out more about our lifting gear hire.

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