What Do People Look For When Inspecting Your Equipment?

Safety in the workplace is paramount. Identifying any existing or potential hazards is important to the safe running of any business, but additionally it’s crucial that people feel comfortable in their environment and raise any concerns they might have. This peace of mind will help to increase productivity.

With more rigorous rules and regulations surrounding health and safety than ever before, it’s extremely important to ensure that any equipment used in the workplace is regularly inspected in order to maintain a safe working environment.

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Don’t be Afraid of an Inspection

Usually, the prospect of an inspection would spring up thoughts of being checked up on. However, ensuring that your equipment in the workplace is in excellent condition is going to cause you less issues – and cost you less money – in future. But what exactly would an inspector be looking for?

Quick Checks

Initially, after advice is given on when an inspection is due, the first areas that will be looked at are the most basic requirements. These areas will include quick checks that would take place before use, such as ensuring that all the relevant cabling, power sources and important function lights are operating. This will involve a simple visual inspection of your equipment to make sure all the necessary colour coded tags are fitted.

Running Safely?

At Anglia Handling, we offer on-site inspection services for all types of Lifting and Material Handling Equipment and as part of this it involves the functioning of the equipment itself to ensure that it is running safely with all the necessary safety features present such as guarding. If any of this flags up any issues, then it is potentially possible for us to carry out repairs on site.


It’s all well and good having safe equipment that adheres to all the checklists, however, the people operating the equipment need to be appropriately trained to use it. If any advice is needed then our trained engineers, qualified through the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, are available for support.

Get in Touch

Safety is very important to us at Anglia Handling, which is why we offer an extensive range of services for inspections and with each inspection we provide detailed reports and keep records of all equipment. If you’re interested in us carrying out any inspection related services, then please don’t hesitate to call us today on 01767 312125.

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