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Hydraulic Puller KitsHydraulic Puller Kits

Hydraulic pullers are an invaluable tool for the maintenance engineer. The pullers allow time and cost savings as they offer high working safety and can be operated in all positions.

Universal Single Acting Cylinders - type YSUniversal Single Acting Cylinders - type YS

Single acting with a spring return. 5 to 100 tonnes, maximum operating pressure 700 bar. For all universal applications where high forces and compact dimensions are required.

Low Single Acting Cylinders - type YLS/YFSLow Single Acting Cylinders - type YLS/YFS

Very compact hydraulic cylinders designed for general lifting and positioning jobs as well as for all basic maintenance applications.

Hollow Single Acting Cylinders - type YCSHollow Single Acting Cylinders - type YCS

Due to the centre hole design a threaded rod can be placed through the hollow cylinders so that extremely high pulling forces can be achieved for applications such as pre-stressing of anchor bolts, removal of axles and bushings, extracting tubes and within puller sets or for general heavy duty pulling jobs.

Universal Double Acting CylindersUniversal Double Acting Cylinders

Double acting with hydraulic return, 5 to 200 tonnes, maximum operating pressure 700 bar. Double acting cylinders with high speed retraction speed. The powerful return of the piston, the extra long piston bearings and the high-grade material make these cylinders extremely robust and suitable for the toughest of jobs.

Hydraulic Pressure Gauge SetHydraulic Pressure Gauge Set

The pressure gauge shows the actual system pressure and therefore the force of the connected hydraulic cylinder. Consisting of a pressure gauge and corresponding gauge adaptor it is suitable for all HPS hand pumps.

Hydraulic HosesHydraulic Hoses

Durable, yet highly flexible thermoplast hydraulic hoses guarantee a very long service lift. High safety factor due to a burst pressure of 2800 bar.

Connections 3/8 NPT

Hand PumpsHand Pumps

Single and double acting hand pumps includes: hydraulic oil, carrying handle, reservoir, ventilation plug and many more features.

Maximum operating pressure 700 bar.

AHS Online Catalogue > Hydraulic Equipment

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