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Hydraulic Bottle JacksHydraulic Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks used for general operations like lifting, pushing, moving, supporting all kinds of loads.

Features include robust design, pressure relief valve, precise controlled lowering, additional screw extension of the piston (2 - 20 tonne), grooved saddle and large base plates for increased stability.

Manual Steel Jack with Fixed ClawManual Steel Jack with Fixed Claw

Manual steel jacks are primarily used for assembly applications, or to brace or support loads.

Hydraulic Toe JacksHydraulic Toe Jacks

Toe jacks are used in applications where space below the load is restricted.

Features include safety pressure relief valve, large base to increase stability, pump lever can rotate 270 degrees, same load can be lifted on either the head or the toe, spring return of the lifting toe (6 and 10 tonne models) and adjustable lowering valve.

Hydraulic Toe Jacks - AluminiumHydraulic Toe Jacks - Aluminium

Our range of Aluminium hydraulic jacks combine lightweight with a high lifting capacity. The hydraulic jacks can be supplied with a standard plain piston or with the addition of a lifting claw.

Please contact us for larger capacities.

Hydraulic Machine Lifting JacksHydraulic Machine Lifting Jacks

Our hydraulic machine lifting jacks are multi-fuctional and ideal for low height lifting or working in confined spaces.

Ratchet Toe JacksRatchet Toe Jacks

Toe jacks are used in applications where space below the load is restricted, thus preventing the use of traditional lifting equipment.

Hi-Lift All Cast JacksHi-Lift All Cast Jacks

Designed to help you survive in the harshest of environments, from the Scottish Mountains to the Welsh Valleys and even the Amazon Jungle.

With a full range of specially designed accessories the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading equipment you can buy.

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