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Manual Hand MagnetsManual Hand Magnets

The manual magnet claw is used for transporting steel sheets horizontally and vertically, lifting plates from racks, pulling sheets out of shelving, as well as transporting flat pieces of steel that are magnetizable.

Permanent Lifting Magnets - TPMPermanent Lifting Magnets - TPM

A range of budget permanent lifting magnets to suit a variety of applications.

Capacity: 100 - 1000 kg

Permanent Lifting Magnets - ULEPermanent Lifting Magnets - ULE

A manually operated general purpose permanent magnet. Excellent performance to weight ratio.

Capacities: 100 - 1000 kg.

Permanent Lifting Magnets - UL - c/w Safety ShimPermanent Lifting Magnets - UL - c/w Safety Shim

The UL range of lifters provides the safest magnetic lifting available with high-energy performance and the use of a non-ferrous safety shim to create an air gap for a test lift. If the lift is sucessful then with the shim removed a safety factor of 3:1 is guaranteed.

Capacities: 125 - 1000 kg.

Permanent Lifting Magnets - Thin PlatePermanent Lifting Magnets - Thin Plate

A range of two magnets designed specifically to lift thin plate from 5 mm.

Capacities: 150 and 300 kg.

Permanent Lifting Magnets - MagforPermanent Lifting Magnets - Magfor

A range of high power Neodymium Iron Bore magnets. High temperature, thin plate and embedded options also offered

Capacities: 100 - 5000 kg.

AHS Online Catalogue > Magnet Lifting

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