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drum handlers

drum handler

A variety of products to move 210 litre steel drums.


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drum dollies

drum dolly

Suitable for moving 30 and 55 gallon drums.


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Drum Clamp

A range of drum clamps that can be suspended from a hoist or crane.

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Drum Grips


The Drum Grip drum handling device is aimed at the low to medium volume drum user, this simple but effective range is ideal for the safe handling of the more popular types of drum.

  • Drum grip attachment slides easily onto the forks of the lift truck.

  • Operate automatically - the lift truck driver remains seated at all times.

  • Fork or carriage mounted

  • Single or twin drum lift

  • Steel or plastic drums

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Drum Tongs


This simple Drum Grab drum handling device lifts either 210 litre steel drums or similar sized ' L' ring plastic drums. Operation is semi automatic.

  • Drum handling lifting tongs are suitable for use with an overhead or lorry mounted crane or under a jib or hook on a fork truck.

  • Ideal for lowering drums below ground level (e.g. from docks).

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Rim Grip Drum Handlers

Rim Grip Drum Lifter

The Rim Grip drum handling device has hardened steel jaws that grip the drum by the rim (chimb). The heavier the drum, the tighter the grip. Rim-grip drum handlers are the attachments to choose for any of the following applications:

  • High volume drum handling

  • Handling drums of varying diameters

  • Handling drums packed tightly together (e.g. in containers)

  • Handling damaged drums

  • Handling open topped drums

  • Transporting drums over rough ground

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Drum Rotators - Fork Mounted


The Drum Rotator - Fork Mounted drum handling device is designed to facilitate controlled and effortless pouring of the contents of either steel or ‘L’ Ring plastic drums.

  • Eliminate manual handling of heavy drums.

  • Fit or remove in seconds

  • Rotate drums through 360°

  • Close ratio gearbox will hold the drum in position at any point of its rotation

  • Pouring up to shoulder height is most easily effected using the gearbox with a handle. Above this height we recommend the use of a loop chain.

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Drum Handlers - The Green Range


A unique range of fork-mounted cylinder and drum handling attachments. May be coupled or uncoupled in seconds.

  • Single or twin drum lifting

  • Mechanical or hydraulic operation

  • Rubber lined jaws available

  • Fits a wide range of drum diameters

  • Drum rotation and tilting available


Drum Manipulators


The Drum Positioner was designed for ‘up-ending’ or laying flat 210 litre steel or ‘L’ring plastic drums, without the forklift truck driver leaving his seat.

  • Low cost

  • Eliminates manual handling

  • Ideal for use with drum handling stand or racking

  • Available for one or two drums

  • Completely mechanical in operation

  • Tines lock automatically when lowered to ground in horizontal position

  • Operating technique is easy to learn

The Drum Positioner is available in standard 3-tine form (step one and three left) or in low- profile 4-tine form (step two left) where drum racking leaves limited headroom over each drum.

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Self-Contained Mobile Drum Handlers

drum handling truck

A wide-ranging selection of manually propelled portable drum handling trucks for transporting, stacking or rotating drums. All models are designed for high operational visibility and manoeuvrability and use in areas where a forklift truck is undesirable, impractical or uneconomical.


The model shown has V shaped legs designed to fit around the corner of a pallet. The drum is gripped

  • Mobile drum lifting

  • Mobile drum rotating also available