We have designed and manufactured a special mobile tool inverter to solve a problem of rotating a machine tool with the internal rack stuck protruding from the underneath. The mobile tool turner allows the tool to be rotaed 90 degrees so it can be lifted off on its side, split into two halves and repaired.



mobile tool inverter

The mobile tool turner features:


Brakes castors, 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel

Polyurethane tyred castors that are easy to move

Parking jacks

Webbing load strap

Adjustable strap positions

Adjustable fork spread

Adjustable fork height

Double acting manual pump



Capacity: 3200 kg



This design could be applied to a variety of other applications.


Please contact us for more information.

mobile tool rotator


mobile tool turner

Sequence of Operation:


The mobile tool turner has been designed to rotate a variety of different size and weight injection moulding tools.


The adjustable forks are adjusted to suit the size of the tool.


The brakes on the castors are applied.


The parking jacks are applied if required.


The mobile tool turner is loaded using an overhead crane.


The tool is strapped in position using a 2 part webbing cargo restraint that can be located in one of three positions.

mobile tool turner

mobile tool inverter

The pump lever is moved to the 'Lower' position.


The tool is rotated 90 degrees using an integral hand pump under total control.


The tool can now be lifted from the mobile tool turner




mobile tool turner

The pump is double acting so when the tool is removed the forks are manually rotated to their upright position.