We offer a range of Wimag Pipe Pulling equipment as follows.

MINI pipe pulling device


Pipe Puller

The Mini Pipe Pulling Device is adjusted via the spindle to suit the outside diameter of the pipe.


The chain is located in the pulling bar to pull the pipe via the hydraulic hand pump.


Max. Pulling Force: 0.5 tonne

Stroke: 130 mm

Pipe Outside Diameter: 200 - 430 mm



Datasheet Datasheet - Pipe Puller RZA

pipe pulling device



Pipe Puller


The Pipe Puller has two clamping arms that are adjusted to suit the pipe diameter. The puller is tensioned behind the socket of the previously laid pipe. Position the next pipe to be laid. Fit the pulling bar and chains. Pull the pipe via the two hydraulic cylinders.


Max. Pulling Force: 1.5 tonne

Stroke: 300 mm

Pipe Outside Diameter A: 350 - 750 mm

Pipe Outside Diameter B: 600 - 1250 mm



Datasheet Datasheet - Pipe Puller RZA

pipe puller



Pipe Puller


The Pipe Puller is a safe and fast joining of reinforced concrete pipes. There are no trailing cables by using a battery operation. The tensioning and pulling of the pipe are controlled by push button control via hydraulic cylinders. Sufficient space for the laser beam


Max. Pulling Force: 16 tonne

Inside Diameter: (800) 1000 - 2500 mm

Lift: 500 mm

Max. Pressure: 200 bar


Can also be used on reinforced square and rectangular pipes



Datasheet Datasheet - Pipe Puller RZE



pipe pulling



Pipe Puller



ductile pipe pulling device



pipe puller


We can also supply a pipe puller for ductile pipe.


Pipe Diameter: 118 - 325 mm


Please contact us for further details.