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Load Cell Datasheet - Tractel 150 kg Height Safety Presentation


Anchor Devices - Mobile and Fixed

beam clamp

We offer a range of mobile and fixed anchor devices including:

Beam clamps
Beam trolleys

Door anchors


Roof trusses


Vacuum anchor
Water filled mobile anchor

Weight mobile anchor

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carry case

We offer a kit bag / ruck sack and plastic carry case.

Other accessories available are bolt bags, tool frogs and a bosuns chair.

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Access Platforms


A fork truck mounted access platform offers a very versatile and mobile piece of height safety access equipment.

Available for one and two men plus tools they comply with the current regulations - PM28 2nd Edition.

Access platform accessories include swivel castors, a tool tray, overhead guard, safety harness and lanyard.

Other Options Include: Raised Platform, Overhead Crane Suspension, Foldable.

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material load arrestor blocks



load arrestor


A range of G. Guard load arrestors design for material goods, suitable as a secondary safety device for static or moving loads.


Working Load Limit: 150 kg

Working Length: 14 m


Working Load Limit: 300 kg

Working Lengths: 10 - 25 m


Working Load Limit: 500 kg

Working Lengths: 10 - 24 m


Working Load Limit: 800 kg

Working Length: 10 m


Working Load Limit: 1000 kg

Working Lengths: 10 m


Working Load Limit: 1500 kg

Working Lengths: 10 m


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Fall Arrest Blocks

fall arrest block

A robust range of height safety fall arrest blocks (retractable lifelines) manufactured to the highest standards.

The fall arrest block range includes various webbing and wire rope fall arrester devices as well as retrieval devices, which allow a person in fall arrest to be winched up or down to safety.

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Derope Descender

Derope Descender

The derope descender is a controlled speed evacuation device.

It is designed to evacuate either one person (up to 150 kg) for a height of up to 400 metres or 2 persons (up to 225 kg) for a height of up to 200 metres.

The system allows for sequencing several consecutive round trip descents.

The derope UP includes a rescue winch enabling upward and downward evacuation.

Load Cell Datasheet - standard

Load Cell Datasheet - UP



We offer a range of height safety steel and alloy karabiners with Twistlock and Screwgate closures in a variety of sizes.

Other height safety fittings include Scaffold Hooks and Manucroche Hooks (to secure around larger objects), snap hooks and delta links.

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safety fall arrest lanyard

Lanyards form the connection between the operator's safety harness and the anchor point, whether for fall restraint or fall arrest.

Our webbing and rope height safety fall arrest lanyards have a built-in shock absorber to reduce the impact forces during a fall.

A single lanyard is ideal for general use. A twin legged lanyard is used for climbing steelwork, racking or scaffolding therefore moving between anchor points and still maintaining security.

Applications: Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint.

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Pole StrAps

pole strap

Pole straps are essential items for learning applications requiring hands free work.Available in both webbing and rope.

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Ropes and Grabs

stopfor k

A small and compact rope grab mechanism, ideal for use as height safety protection for a temporary ladder or as a back-up for window cleaning and facade maintenance when used in conjunction with a hoist.

It features a secure double action mechanism which prevents accidental opening.

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Safety Harnesses

safety harness

We provide a comprehensive range of safety harnesses for a variety of height safety applications including working at height, in confined spaces and rescue.

The safety harness selection varies according to the number and position of connections points, the adjustability and comfort of the harness and frequency of use.

A safety harness high visibility jacket is also available as an option.

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Safety Kits

safety kit

We offer a range of safety kits to suit various applications:

Work Positioning

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Tool safety lanyards


Tool Lanyard

We offer a range of tool safety lanyards to suit various applications.


We also offer a tool bag with different pockets to store your tools.

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height safety helmet



height safety helmet



The TR2000 is a new innovative height safety helmet that is easily adjustable, comfortable and available with a variety of accessories.


Accreditation: EN397, EN50365


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Easylift Tripod Datasheet

Temporary Lifelines

temporary lifeline

Height safety temporary lifelines are easy to install when there are two anchoring points offering sufficient support. It allows total freedom of horizontal movement. Available in webbing or wire rope.

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Tripods, Gantrys, Winches, Rescue

tripod height safety

We offer an aluminium tripod, davit post and rescue gantry that can be used in conjuction with a rescue fall arrest block, work positioning device, rope rescue kits or a winch.

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easylift tripod


easylift tripod trolley

The easylift tripod is a versatile, portable frame designed to meet 'The Working at Height Regulations'. The tripod has been specifically designed for lifting manhole covers and working around open sumps, where a person could fall into the sump.


The design allows for a pump to be lifted from a sump in a safe manner and then simply slide it to one side for safe inspection or removal. A fall arrest safety harness can easily be attached to the frame of the tripod, which has been designed for single operation man riding.


The whole unit is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and can be erected by a single user. Ideal for any company operating within the water and wastewater industries.


Tripod Capacity: 500 kg


Features include:


Two fall arrest attachment points

Built-in spirit level

Sliding load trolley

Adjustable legs

Optional manhole lifting beam c/w keys

Optional winch mounting bracket

Optional transport trolley


Easylift Tripod Datasheet