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Metal roller tracked machine skates, usually supplied in sets of four with two detachable turntables, two stabilisers, four spacer bars and two steering handles.

The skates very low profile which enables ease of positioning and provides low friction movement, indispensable when installing, moving or maintaining heavy plant and machinery.

Capacities: 20, 30, 50 & 60 tonne

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Nylon roller skates eliminate surface damage, they come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

A standard configuration would consist of two adjustable rear skates connected by stabiliser rods with one steerable front skate and handle. Platforms are covered with anti-skid rubber pads for additional safety and protection.

Polyurethane and steel rollers are also available on some models.

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air skates

We offer a comprehensive range of products using air film technology that virtually eliminates friction. It allows heavy loads to be moved within the industrial environment with minimum effort and in complete safety.


Other numerous advantages include complete manoeuvrability , low capital costs, low maintenance requirements and low floor loadings.

Safety features such as dead mans controls and breaking systems add to the suitability of this equipment for use in hazardous environments.

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easy mover - powered traction device


The Easy Mover is a powered traction unit that is used to move a variety of loads.


Power: Pneumatic or Electric


The Easy Mover features a smooth variable speed adjustment for precise operator control.


The Easy Mover has rugged plastic rollers to provide a gripping action for very heavy loads being moved on any dry, rolling surface.


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EASY furniture MOVER


The Easy Furniture Movers are used in pairs for effortless lifting and moving of awkward loads.

Simply place 1 unit at each end of the load, raise the load off the floor, secure the unit connecting straps and move away.

Load Capacity: 600 and 1800 kg


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multi trolley furniture mover


multi trolley furniture mover


The Multi Trolley lets ONE person single-handedly move heavy, awkward items of home and office furniture, such as desks, sofas and beds, without any heavy lifting.


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We supply a range of load moving accessories including roller crow bars, hand savers and plate carriers.


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