Spreader BEAMS & Lifting beams

Lifting Beams

We can manufacture an abundant variation of spreader beams and lifting beams to existing designs.

We also offer a design facility where our engineers will design and manufacture a spreader beam or lifting beam to lift a specific product.

The illustration shows four different types of spreader beams:


1) Two point lift with a central suspension.


2) Two point lift with a 2-leg suspension for more stability.


3) As no. 2 but with a wider chain sling spread for even more stability.


4) Four point lift with a 2-leg suspension, again for stability.

We can also design and manufacture spreader beams and lifting beams with adjustable suspension points if required.


Datasheet Datasheet - examples




Bulk Bag Lifting Beam

Examples of goods to be lifted in this way are:


Bulk bags (as shown left)
Steel sections and fabrications

Steel sheet

Spreader BEAMS & Lifting beams

Load rotating


Lifting Beam Rotating

We also offer lifting beams that use 2 x endless flat webbing slings to safely rotate a load.


Adjustable working width

Manual or electric operation


Datasheet Datasheet - Load Rotating