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Tripod Shearlegs

Shearlegs or tripods are an indispensable lifting equipment aid for site and utility work. Tripods can be used for materials handling, fall protection and confined space applications.

Tripods can be supplied with fixed or adjustable height legs and with spike, flat pad or rubber feet.

Tripod Material: Aluminium or Mild Steel

Tripod Capacity: 500 - 5000 kg


Materials Handling Tripods:

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Man Riding Tripods:

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easylift tripod



easylift tripod trolley

The easylift tripod is a versatile, portable frame designed to meet 'The Working at Height Regulations'. The tripod has been specifically designed for lifting manhole covers and working around open sumps, where a person could fall into the sump.


The design allows for a pump to be lifted from a sump in a safe manner and then simply slide it to one side for safe inspection or removal. A fall arrest safety harness can easily be attached to the frame of the tripod, which has been designed for single operation man riding.


Tripod Capacity: 500 kg


Features include:


Two fall arrest attachment points

Built-in spirit level

Sliding load trolley

Adjustable legs

Optional manhole lifting beam c/w keys

Optional winch mounting bracket

Optional transport trolley


Easylift TripodDatasheet