Gin Wheels / gin blocks

gin wheel

Gin wheels or Gin blocks, also referred to as a 'Jenny' wheel, are used throughout the building industry for very light lifts.


Capacity: 250 kg


Size: 250 mm (10 inches)

Weight: 4 kg approx.


Fitted with a swivel round eye.

poulistop 2 PULLEY with braking


The Poulistop 2 is designed for temporary lifting installations on construction sites.


It is designed for manual lifting up to 50 kg (load + rope) and is to be used with a braided nylon rope for lifting heights up to 30 metres.


Capacity: 50 kg (load + rope)


Rope Diameter: 18 - 20 mm


The Poulistop 2 is equippped with an original rope blocking system using a sliding plastic brake, lockable and unlockable by the remote user by acting on the rope. It is then possible for the user to maintain the load in suspension without any effort.


Always ensure that the mechanical resistance of the anchor point of a Poulistop 2 will accept at least 108 kg.


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