Manual and Powered Lifting & Pulling Machines


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Electric RoPE Winches


The electric RPE winch is designed for performance, efficiency and safety and offer many advantages and options.


The RPE winches are ideal for lifting and pulling loads in a variety of applications.


Operation: Pulling

Operating Voltage: 230 or 400 volt




Manual Winches


We offer a selection of manually operated winches and hoists for a variety of applications.


Operation: Pulling and Lifting


   Datasheet - Spur Gear

   Datasheet - Worm Gear

Pneumatic RPA Winches


Air winches are capable of pulling and lifting huge loads by using a pneumatic motor.


Usually a pair of radial pistons use compressed air that’s directed to a set of ports. The direction of the air exerted on these ports causes the drums to rotate which makes the air winch move. The result is a steady and powerful force, capable of raising and lowering attached loads.


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Tirfor Machines


Hydraulic Tirfor machines are available to provide effortless synchronisation of multiple machines for extra long and heavy pulls.


Choose from either electric 3 phase or petrol driven power packs.


Operation: Pulling and Lifting




Tirfor Machines


The robust Tirfor winch name is renowned throughout industry for its rugged and reliable operation.


We offer 3 ranges - Jockey small capacity, T-500 light duty range of machines (as shown) and the standard TU range of machines.


The Tirfor machines are lever operated hoists using a special Maxiflex wire rope.  One-man operated, using a telescopic operating handle, they can work in any position and over any height of lift or length of pull. They can replace conventional winches and other hoists for many applications.


Operation: Pulling and Lifting


   Datasheet T-500 and TU Series

   Datasheet Jockey

Tirfor Hoists - Minifor


The Minifor is a portable electric hoist through which the wire rope passes completely and therefore is particularly useful for applications with a long height of lift.


The Minifor electric hoist has many applications in different industries, building and construction.


Operating Voltage: 400, 240 and 115 volt

Operation: Lifting



Wire Rope Pulling Hoist


Wire rope pulling hoist supplied complete with a 20 metre rope in three capacities.


Capacity: 800 kg, 1600 kg and 3200 kg

Operation: Pulling

Winch Wire Rope


We offer wire rope with fittings made to your specification.  Please note that standard wire rope is NOT suitable for use in a Tirfor machine.


Operation: Pulling and Lifting



We offer a range of accessories including:


Operation: Pulling and Lifting


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