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Clamps - BeamClamps - Beam

Designed to fit the flanges of RSJ's and Universal Beams as a semi-permanent lifting point.

Can be supplied with a gripping force indicator - price on application.

Clamps - Blocks & StoneClamps - Blocks & Stone

A range of clamps and grabs to lift stone and blocks.

Clamps - BoardClamps - Board

A simple and effective way to vertically lift and transport a variety of materials such as wood, MDF, plasterboard, stone and plastics.

Clamps - Drum LiftingClamps - Drum Lifting

Designed to lift steel drums with or without a lid.

Clamps - Gas BottlesClamps - Gas Bottles

A range on manually operated clamps for lifting gas bottles.

Gas Bottle Diameters: 100 - 376 mm

Made from 100% recycled Aluminium.

Clamps - Manhole LiftingClamps - Manhole Lifting

We offer a variety of pins, clamps and grabs to lift manhole rings, housings and covers.

Clamps - Panel LifterClamps - Panel Lifter

We offer a range of single handle CARRYMATE manually operated panel lifters for:

Sheet steel




Also available with twin handles.

Clamps - PullingClamps - Pulling

Designed for pulling in three planes and simultaneous loading in two directions.

The unique design of the spindle makes it easy to attach to angle plate. This is achieved by simply turning the handle which applied the pressure to the plate holding it securley.

Clamps - RailClamps - Rail

For handling rail sections. These clamps are designed to anchor, pull or lift most sizes of rail now in use in the UK.

Grabs - ScissorGrabs - Scissor

Sciisor type grabs are ideal for handling round materials such as bar or tube. Supplied as standard with a manual and standard jaws but an automatic latch and rubber lined jaws are also available.

Clamp - Sheet PileClamp - Sheet Pile

We offer a range of pile pulling and pile pitching clamps.

Clamps - Sheet Steel / PlateClamps - Sheet Steel / Plate

A range of clamps to lift and turn sheet steel.

AHS Online Catalogue > Lifting Accessories > Clamps and Grabs

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