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Cable GripsCable Grips

Cable grips are a device for gripping, pulling and tensioning unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods in all forms up to a tensile strength of 1.250 N/mm².

The parallel jaws provide a firm, nonslip grip without causing damage to the wire. A special spring-loaded guide prevents the grip from dropping off the wire and affords instant release without jamming.


We offer a range of short link, long link and pump chains available by the metre.

Chain Slings - Grade 80Chain Slings - Grade 80

Grade 80 alloy chain, clevis pins, components and couplings combine together to make an extremely comprehensive range of chain sling options.

Although many of the sling configurations are standard, such as single, two, three and four leg, a vast array of hooks and rings exist to suit your specific requirements.

Also available in Stainless Steel - prices on request.

Clamps and GrabsClamps and Grabs

We offer a variety of clamps and grabs to suit a variety of applications to suit flat plate, universal beams, round stock sections, rail sections and steel drums.

Concrete Precast Lifting EquipmentConcrete Precast Lifting Equipment

A range of equipment designed for lifting precast concrete.

Container Lifting LugsContainer Lifting Lugs

Two types of container lifting lugs are available for either top lifting or bottom side lifting - supplied in a set of 4.

They serve as flexible lifting points for the transportation of containers.

Crane ForksCrane Forks

The TKG crane forks are supplied as standard with both tine centres and height adjustment to suit a wide variety of palletised loads.

The TKG-VH has a lifting ring that is manually balanced for lifting the fork in the unloaded or loaded conditions.

The TKG-VHS has an automatically balanced for lifting the fork in the unloaded or loaded conditions.

Door & Panel LifterDoor & Panel Lifter

The Portman Door & Panel lifter is a versatile tool that lifts, lowers and swivels, enabling smooth foot control.

Ideal for Joiners, Glaziers, Painters, Paper Hangers, Locksmiths etc.

Integrated tilt compensation keeps the load level.


Eyebolts including Collared and Dynamo supplied with Imperial and Metric threads (both available with a Reevable Egg Link), Starpoint and Rotating Lifting points.

Floor Lifting PinFloor Lifting Pin

A floor lifting pin designed to lift large prefabricated floor panels. By simply drilling a small hole in the top floor panel or floor lifting pin can be inserted vertically and rotated horizontally so that it spans the hole. A webbing sling is attached to the centre of the pin so it can be safely lifted. A thin piece of webbing is attached to one end to rotate it back to the vertical for easy removal.


Various hooks are available as follows.

Automatic Safety Hooks

Pipe Laying Hooks

Pipe Lifting Hooks

Ramshorn hooks

J and S Hooks

Skip hooks

Webbing Hooks

Weld on hooks (as photo)

Lifting BeamsLifting Beams

We offer a variety of lifting beams made to suit your applications.

Manhole LiftingManhole Lifting

A range of manhole lifting equipment including:

Manhole Lifting Pins

Manhole Lifting Grabs

Manhole Housing Grabs

Manhole Cover Lifter

Pulley BlocksPulley Blocks

Pulley blocks, hinged, with single steel sheave.

Root Ball LifterRoot Ball Lifter

We manufacture a Root Ball Lifter designed to lift trees easily and safely. Manufactured and shaped from mild steel with five spikes.

Used in conjunction with a webbing sling around the trunk as shown.

Capacity: 1500 kg


Manufactured from High Tensile and Alloy Steel, supplied with a Dee and Bow design.

Webbing Slings - Flat PolyesterWebbing Slings - Flat Polyester

Flat webbing slings are manufactured in the UK from solid woven polyester webbing with becketted soft eyes at each end. We offer two types of slings, Simplex (single thickness) and Duplex (double thickness).

Endless slings and slings with metal eyes are also available, please contact our sales team for details.

Webbing Roundslings - Round PolyesterWebbing Roundslings - Round Polyester

The versatile endless roundsling is manfactured in the UK from multiple strands of low stretch Polyester protected by a strong densely woven tubular cover. The material eliminates the risk of damaging or marking the goods they handle. The safe working load is easily identified by its colour and stripe; each stripe represents 1 tonne.

Larger sizes available, please ring for prices.

Wire Rope SlingsWire Rope Slings

We offer single leg, two leg, three leg and four leg wire rope lifting slings manufactured to your requirements using a variety of different wire rope options to suit different applications.

We can also offer wire rope to suit winches and wire rope hoists.

AHS Online Catalogue > Lifting Accessories

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