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Automatic Safety HooksAutomatic Safety Hooks

We offer two designs of automatic hooks:

1) Automatic Safety Hook

2) Elebia Remote Hook

Pipe Laying HooksPipe Laying Hooks

We offer a range of WIMAG pipe laying hooks suitable for picking up pipes up to 3 metres long.

Pipe Lifting HooksPipe Lifting Hooks

A range of pipe hooks supplied with shackles that can be used in pairs with a 2-leg chain sling (chain sling not included). Can also be supplied with a Polyurethane coating at extra cost.

Ramshorn HookRamshorn Hook

Ideal for use with webbing slings. Improve load distribution, avoid hook choking and sling damage.

Roundsling / Webbing HookRoundsling / Webbing Hook

Easy to use, simply thread the roundsling or the eye of a webbing sling to the hook, without using any tools, and now attach the sling to the lifting point of the load.

The hook enables single and multi leg slings to be made up using roundslings and flat webbing slings, reducing sling dead weight and damage to the product to be lifted. The hook can also be used to connect two lifting slings together.

S and J HooksS and J Hooks

A range of J and S hooks, each with safety latches, to suit a range of applications.

Skip Lifting HookSkip Lifting Hook

The skip hook is designed to locate on the lugs on either side of a standard skip. It is fitted with a spring gate for added safety.

Swivel HooksSwivel Hooks

Grade 8 forged alloy steel swivel hooks in accordance with EN1677. Individually magnaflux crack detected after heat treatment, they are then individually proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit. Suitable for use in a temperature range of -40°C up to 200°C without reduction in working load limit.

Steel Grade Options: 8 and 10

Weld On HookWeld On Hook

Universal hooks for use on trucks, excavators, low loaders and spreader beams.

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