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Pocket and shoulder bags.

Access Platforms Access Platforms

Supplied for one or two man use.

Anti-trap hand rail and high back guard

Positive fixing to truck forks

No tool loss off platform due to deep kick rail

Side rails have high impact resistance

Non slip floor with drain holes

Self-closing gate that locks automatically on raising platform

Integral safety harness rail

Conforms to PM28 2nd Edition.


A variety of devices to provide an anchor point for fall arrest applications.

Fall Arrest BlocksFall Arrest Blocks

A robust range of fall arrest blocks and fall arrest retrieval blocks manufactured to the highest standards.

Guard Rails EN 14122Guard Rails EN 14122

Our free standing guard rail is a system compatible with all new and existing terrace roof configurations.

Safety HelmetSafety Helmet

The TR2000 is a new innovative height safety helmet that is easily adjustable, comfortable and available with a variety of accessories.


A range of karabiners and connectors.


Fall arrest and fall restraint lanyards to form the connection between the operator's safety harness and the anchor point.

Load Arrestors - Material GoodsLoad Arrestors - Material Goods

A range of G. Guard load arrestors design for material goods, suitable as a secondary safety device for static or moving loads.

Capacity: 150, 300, 500, 1000 & 1500 kg

Stainless steel cable also available.

Ropes and Rope GrabsRopes and Rope Grabs

A small and compact rope grab mechanism, ideal for use as fall prevention on a sloping or flat roof or on a vertical application such as a ladder.

Safety HarnessesSafety Harnesses

A range of single and multi point safety harnesses to suit most applications.

Temporary LifelinesTemporary Lifelines

For use where it is impossible or impractical to install a fixed protection system.

Tool Holding AccessoriesTool Holding Accessories

A range of tool holding accessories to prevent falling tools up to 5 kg.

Tripods, Gantrys, Winches, Rescue,Tripods, Gantrys, Winches, Rescue,

Aluminium tripod, rescue gantry, work positioning device, rope rescue kits, bosuns chair and a winch.

AHS Online Catalogue > Safety Equipment

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