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Beam Anchor PointsBeam Anchor Points

Various anchor devices that can be fitted to an I beam.

Dead Weight AnchorDead Weight Anchor

Mobile dead weight anchor points.

a) Made up of 16 x 22 kg weights

b) Water filled

Door Anchor BeamDoor Anchor Beam

An adjustable beam that locates in a doorway to provide an anchor point.

Eyebolt - Fall Arrest AnchorEyebolt - Fall Arrest Anchor

A range of Metric alloy and stainless steel swivel eyebolts designed for use in fall protection applications.

Thread Sizes: M12, M16, M20 & M24 (SS)

Certification: EN795

Floor AnchorsFloor Anchors

A range of PA floor anchors.

Roof Anchor PointsRoof Anchor Points

Anchor points for roof applications.

Sling AnchorsSling Anchors

Webbing slings that can be used as anchor points.

Vacuum AnchorVacuum Anchor

The vacuum anchor provides an anchor point when fitted to smooth surfaces.

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