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Various lifting hooks are available as follows:

Automatic REMOTE Hook


Elebia Hook

A remote control hook that creates a magnetic field that attracts and guides the ring or the sling. The user presses a button on the remote control, then the hook closes automatically and starts catching and elevating the load. The user doesn't handle any load.

This system works with cable and chain slings, traditional hoist rings, textile slings and even with big bags.


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Automatic Lifting HookDatasheet - 2.5 tonne


Automatic Lifting HookDatasheet - 5, 10, 20, 25 tonne


Automatic Lifting HookDatasheet - 20 tonne


Automatic Lifting HookDatasheet - 50 tonne


Automatic Safety Hook


Automatic Hook

The Automatic Safety Hook requires no manual intervention saving time and man power.

The load can be picked up by the crane driver alone.

Available in capacities of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 27 tonne.


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Automatic Lifting HookDatasheet


C Hooks


C Hooks

Our C hooks are designed to safely handle coils, rolls, rings, pipes, round stock and other similar loads. Options include:

Single C hooks
Coil turning hooks
Twin arm C hooks

Pipe Laying Hooks


We offer a range of WIMAG Pipe Laying Hooks suitable for picking up pipes up to 3 metres long.


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Pipe LIFTING Hooks


Pipe Hooks

We offer a range of pipe lifting hooks used in pairs for the safe transport of pipes. The shackles are included with the hooks.

Hooks with a plastic protective cover are also available>

Capacity: 2000 - 10,000 kg

Chain Sling Angle: 60 - 90 or 90 - 120 degrees


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Ramshorn Hook


Ramshorn Hook

The Ramshorn hook is ideal for use when lifting with webbing slings.

The Ramshorn hook will improve load distribution, avoid hook choking and lifting sling damage.


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s hook

S Hook

A range of J and S hooks, fitted with safety latches, for a variety of capacities and applications.


Capacity: from 50 kg

Bar Diameter: from 6 mm


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S HooksDatasheet - J Hooks


J HooksDatasheet - S Hooks


Skip Lifting Hook


Skip Lifting Hooks

The skip lifting hook is designed to locate on the lugs on either side of a standard skip.

The skip hook is fitted with a spring gate for added safety.


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Skip Lifting HookDatasheet

swivel hooks

swivel hook

A range of swivel hook options:


- Sling hook with safety latch

- Self-locking hooks


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Skip Lifting HookDatasheet - Latch Hook


Skip Lifting HookDatasheet - Self-Locking Hook


Webbing Hook


Webbing Hook

The Webbing Hook (or Joker hook) can be simply threaded onto the roundsling or the eye of a webbing sling, without using any tools, and now attach the sling to the lifting point of the load.

The Webbing Hook enables single and multi leg slings to be made up using roundslings and flat webbing slings thus reducing sling dead weight and damage to the product to be lifted.  The Webbing Hook (joker hook) can also be used to connect two lifting slings together.


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Weld-On Hook


Weld-on Hook

The Weld-On Hook is a universal hook for use on trucks, excavators, low loaders and spreader beams.


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