Chlorine Drum Lifting System


A lifting system used to lift Chlorine drums from a delivery lorry into a Chlorine store.


Due to planning regulation restricting the size of the Chlorine room two cranes were required.


A overhead crane on a freestanding structure is used to unload Chlorine drums from a lorry and lower them to the ground.


A goliath gantry crane travelling on rails cast into the floor is used to lift the drums from the ground outside and travel into the Chlorine store. Here they are lowered onto a concrete plinth, secured and connected to the water intake system.


Safe Working Load: 2 tonne

overhead cranes x 3


abus overhead crane

3 x 2 tonne single girder overhead cranes travelling on the same support structure installed for a new manufacturing facility. Features include:


Electric chain hoists

Two speeds in all motions

Energy chain across crane to eliminate hanging cables

Mobile pendant control


Safe Working Load: 2 tonne per crane


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jib crane

A 1000 kg post mounted over braced jib crane fitted with a Stahl electric chain hoist and a self-suction vacuum lifting beam to load a new cutting machine.


The vacuum lifting beam requires no external power and creates its own each time it lifts. It has 6 x adjustable and lockable suction pads to suit a variety of load sizes.


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pallet fork

pallet fork

A purpose made pallet fork with automatic balance designed to pick up pallets of large steel plate using an overhead crane.


The fork has a fixed height with adjstable width forks.


Safe Working Load: 1.5 tonne


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Jib Crane


A post mounted jib crane with an under braced arm complete with a Demag electric chain hoist built into a hand pushed trolley. The hoist is supplied with dual speed lifting and a pendant control.


This crane is used for loading coils of steel from a pallet onto a machine unwind shaft.


An under braced design is used due to limited headroom.


Safe Working Load: 500 kg

overhead Cranes x 2


2 x Abus overhead travelling cranes travelling on the same support structure.


Each crane is fitted with an electric wire rope hoist with dual speed lifting and trave and a mobile pendant control.


Working in a production area, each crane is fitted with an infra-red anti-collision device to prevent the working too close together.


Safe Working Load: 2 tonne

Industrial Trailer



A heavy duty industrial trailer with a ball bearing turntable and a draw bar designed to be towed behind a forklift truck.


The trailer platform is constructed from steel plate with angle welded around the perimeter and a hard wood top.


Features include a galvanised finish, cast iron polyurethane tyred wheels and ratchet straps to secure the load.


Safe Working Load: 10 tonne


Boat Lifting Frame


A lifting frame suspended by a 4-leg chain sling and fitted with a hand chain block on each corner.


Each hand chain block is fitted with an auxiliary 8 tonne lifting beam.


We also supplied 4 x 12" wide webbing slings designed for lifting a luxury cruiser into and out of a test lagoon.


Safe Working Load: 32 tonne

Chlorine Drum STILLAGE


A set of stillages bolted to the floor of a flat bed lorry designed to safely transport hazardous chemicals, in this case liquid Chlorine.


The Chlorine drums are strapped securely to the stillages using webbing ratchet straps.

overhead Cranes x 2


Two Demag overhead travelling cranes, each fitted with an electric wire rope hoist with dual speeds in all motions and controlled by a mobile pendant.


Each crane is fitted with an infra-red anti-collision device to prevent them working too close together.


The cranes are used in a toolroom for refurbishing injection moulding tools.


Safe Working Load: 3.2 tonne per crane

Freestanding 'A' Frame Gantry


A freestanding fixed 'A' frame gantry complete with an Abus electric wire rope hoist with dual speed lifting and cross travel.


The electric wire rope hoist is controlled by a pendant control fitted directly to the hoist.


Safe Working Load: 7 tonne

Machine Tool Inverter


A hydraulic 90 degree inverter used, in this case, to turn injection moulding tools onto their side so they can easily be split in two for refurbishment.


Features include guarding to the sides and a sensor across the front to prevent operator access when the machine is operating.


Safe Working Load: 3 tonne

Water Pump Lifting Gantry


runway beam gantry

A gantry consisting of a runway beam supported by a goal post at each end leaving a cantilever at one end.


The runway beam is fitted with a Demag electric chain hoist with two speed lifting and travel and is controlled by a mobile pendant.


Features include a galvanised finish and a canopy at one end to protect the hoist when not in use.


The system is used for removing pumps from below ground level.


Safe Working Load: 1 tonne


Bulk Bag Lifting System


A four post structure fitted with a King electric chain hoist, an 'H' spreader beam and a fixed pendant control.


The hoist can have a fixed suspension (as shown) or travel on a beam that cantilevers out in front of the structure.


The hoist is used for lifting bulk bags whilst their contents are discharged into a hopper.


Safe Working Load: 1 tonne

Van Mounted Jib Crane


A Swinglift crane with a built-in wire rope winch powered off the vehicle battery (12 or 24 volt).


The Swinglift can be fixed in place (as shown) or mounted in a socket so it can easily be removed.


The Swinglift is normally fitted to a vehicle but we have also fitted them to trailers, a train carriage and inside a building.


Safe Working Load: 250 kg


Larger capacities also available.

Sheet Lifting Vacuum Hoist


A VM180 VacuEasylift vacuum hoist complete with a 4 pad spreader beam, extended handle and bottom swivel to pick up stainless steel sheet.


The VacuEasylift is suspended from a Demag KBK push/pull overhead crane system.


Also shown is a manually operated sheet turnover device designed and built in-house.


Safe Working Load: 80 kg

Machine Roller Lifting Truck


A special hand pushed hydraulic truck designed to lift machine rollers.


We have taken a standard truck, shortened the legs and added swivel castors, modified the platform and fitted a pair of gravity rollers with a non-marking rubber coating.


Safe Working Load: 300 kg


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Jib Crane at Orford Quay

Jib Crane

A post mounted under braced jib crane fitted with a Donati hand geared trolley and a single phase electric chain hoist. The hoist has a PVC jacket for additional weather protection.


The jib is fitted to the recently refurbished quay at Orford in Suffolk and has been finished in a high quality green marine paint.


It is secured to the concrete via a 600 mm square counter plate using stainless steel resin anchors.


Safe Working Load: 200 kg


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Twin Arm Jib Crane

Twin Arm Jib Crane

A twin arm jib crane comprising of a single post with two separate under braced arms. In this case the arms have different safe working loads.


Each arm is fitted with a Donati electric chain hoist built-in to a hand pushed trolley.


Care must be taken to ensure the arms do not clash.


Safe Working Load: Arm 1 = 500 kg
Safe Working Load: Arm 2 = 750 kg


special jib arm

jib arm

A special jib arm fitted to the underneath of existing steelwork.


Fitted with a small hand chain hoist with hook suspension.


Safe Working Load: 40 kg


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overhead crane


overhead crane


Crawler Crane

A single girder overhead crane installed with a freestanding support structure in a water treatment works.


Access was very difficult and the solution was to use a crawler crane to install the supporting steelwork and the crane itself.


Safe Working Load: 1000 kg

special counterbalanced truck

counterbalanced truck

A special counterbalanced based on a Genie GL-8 but with the forks removed and a special jib arm added.


Safe Working Load: 55 kg @ 950 mm load centre


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