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Access Platforms

Access Platform

A fork truck mounted access platform offers a very versatile and mobile piece of access equipment.


Available for one and two men plus tools they comply with the current regulations - PM28 2nd Edition.


Accessories include swivel castors a tool tray overhead guard safety harness and lanyard a raised platform overhead crane suspension and a foldable design.

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access platforms - mobile

versa step mobile access platform

We offer the Eco Lift and Versa Step manually operated mobile access platforms.


The Eco Lift is a One Man mobile access platform with a manual dual handle control to raise and lower the platform.


The Versa Step is a One Man mobile access platform. The paltform can be adjusted to a number of heights as required with a gas strut taking some of the weight


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Step Ladders


A range of Altrex step ladders covering domestic and professional useage to suit a variety of working heights.

Altrex Double Decker
Altrex Taurus TGB

Step Ladders with Hand Rails


A range of Svelt step ladders with hand rails to suit a variety of working heights.

Svelt Regina Special

Extension Ladders


A range of Altrex and Svelt extension ladders including Skymaster alternatives.

Svelt Universal 3
Svelt Euro 3(Skymaster alternative)
Svelt Luxe 3 (Skymaster alternative)
Altrex Mounter (Skymaster alternative)
Altrex Varitrex

Warehouse Steps - aluminium


A range of aluminium easy to move and store warehouse steps.

Altrex Taurus TME
Svelt Vera

Warehouse Steps - steel

steel steps A range of steel easy to move and store standard and folding warehouse steps.

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Ladder Platform

A simple secureaccess platform / staging system that can be used with your own ladders - BS EN131 trade quality.


Can be erected in 6 minutes and taken down even faster!From 2 metres in lengthUp to 7.5 metres high.


Ladders and ladder stabilisers also available.

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Tower Scaffolds

Tower Scaffold

A range of mobile tower scaffolds with guard rails for professional use including Minimax alternatives.

Easy Tower
Podium Steps
Altrex K2 (Minimax alternative)
Alpine Tower

Sky High Tower
Altrex MTB

Aerial Work Platforms

The Super SeriesTM portable aerial work platforms can safely lift one or two people to working heights of up to 46 feet 3 inches (14.1m). Easy to maneuver, Genie work platforms offer durability and the convenience of quick set-up and operation.

AWP Super Series

Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platform Standard Features:

  • Rocker Base System

  • Ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering

  • Small outrigger footprints

  • Easy loading

  • Doorway access

  • Outrigger storage pockets

  • Sturdy tie-downs

IWP Super Series

Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platform Standard Features:


  • Standard base of 60 x 32 in (152 x 81 cm), easily rolls through standard doorways

  • Standard platform of 27 x 26 in (69 x 66 cm), is the largest standard sized platform in the industry

  • The most rigid mast in the industry, designed for strength, reliability and low maintenance

  • Built-in level sensing - A unique sensor system detects if the unit is not level

  • Power failure protection - All AC and DC models are equipped with an auxiliary platform lowering feature

DPL Super Series

Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platform Standard Features:

  • Designed to fit through a single door

  • AC or DC

  • Auxiliary platform lower feature

  • Tie-down attachment points on each corner

  • Swivel-lock casters

  • Angled entry ladder

  • Ground and platform controls

  • Locking key switch

  • GFCI 110V electrical outlets in platform



At Anglia Handling Services Ltd, we specialise in supplying a comprehensive assortment of lifting equipment and a reliable service for lifting gear hire. However, this is not the full extent of our provision, and so we also offer a professional selection of access equipment for use in a variety of working environments. We stock a huge range of portable access lifting equipment types including step ladders, extension ladders, warehouse steps, towers, access platforms and aerial work platforms to ensure safe work; so you can be totally confident when dealing with us no matter what your requirements might be.

Access equipment can assume a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be as simple as a ladder or as complex as an access platform mounted upon a forklift. Because of the potentially dangerous nature of all access equipment, we take each and every one of our products and services very seriously, and always make certain that everything we provide is compliant with both Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) and Health & Safety Executive HSE requirements. We are proud of our status as a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineer's Association, so always make sure to maintain exemplary standards at all times.

All of our access equipment comes from only the most reliable of sources or manufacturers, and it has all been consistently proven to be highly effective in the field. We always prioritise the premier performance of our customer service, and so all of our equipment is accessible to you at the most competitive of prices. If you would like to place an enquiry about any of our access or lifting equipment, or wish to receive any more information, please feel free to call us on 01767 312125 and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.