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hose balancer

We offer a range of tool and hose balancers with a variety of capacities and cable lengths.


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Cable Grips

Cable grips are a device for gripping, pulling and tensioning unsheathed wire ropes, cables and metal rods in all forms.

The parallel jaws provide a firm, nonslip grip without causing damage to the wire.

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We offer a range of short link, long link and pump chain including:

  • Grade 40
  • Grade 80
  • Grade 100

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Chain Slings


We offer a range of chain slings:

  • Single leg
  • Two legs
  • Three legs
  • Four leg
  • Endless

Assembled to suit using a variety of hooks and components.

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Clamps & GRABS - Lifting

Plate Clamp
Round Stock Grab

We offer a range of clamps & grabs:

  • Vertical plate clamps
  • Hinged vertical plate clamps
  • High grip clamps (suitable for stainless steel)
  • Horizontal plate clamps
  • Non-marking plate clamps
  • Screw clamps
  • Thin plate clamps
  • Beam clamps
  • Trolley beam clamps
  • Girder clamps
  • Pile clamps
  • Round stock grabs
  • Block grabs
  • Single rail grabs
  • Multi-rail grabs

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concrete precast lifting equip

lifting loop

A range of equipment designed for lifting precast concrete.

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Container Lifting Lugs

We offer a range of container lifting lugs:

  • Top mounted
  • Side mounted

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Crane Fork

We offer a range of crane forks with manual and automatic load balance.

  • Adjustable fork width
  • Adjustable headroom

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We offer a range of eyebolts:

  • Collared eyebolts
  • DIN eyebolts
  • Dynamo eyebolts
  • Eyebolts with egg links
  • Man riding eyebolts
  • Rotating lifting points
  • Starpoint eyebolts
  • Swivel hoist rings

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floor lifting pins

floor lifting pin

A floor lifting pin designed to lift large prefabricated floor panels.

By simply drilling a small hole in the top floor panel or floor lifting pin can be inserted vertically and rotated horizontally so that it spans the hole. A webbing sling is attached to the centre of the pin so it can be safely lifted.

A thin piece of webbing is attached to one end to rotate it back to the vertical for easy removal.

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auto hook

We offer a range of hooks:

  • Automatic safety hooks
  • Pipe laying hooks
  • Ramshorn hooks
  • Skip lifting hooks
  • Webbing hooks
  • Weld-on hooks

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lifting beams

lifting beam

We offer a variety of lifting beams made to suit your applications.

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Manhole Lifting Pin

We offer a range of manhole lifting equipment for:

  • Manhole rings
  • Manhole covers

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Panel Lifter

We offer a range of CARRYMATE manually operated panel lifters for:

  • Sheet steel
  • Glass
  • Slabs
  • Wood

  • Also available with twin handles.

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pulley blocks

pulley block

Pulley blocks, hinged, with single steel sheave.

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Root Ball Lifter

We manufacture a Root Ball Lifter designed to lift trees easily and safely. Manufactured and shaped from mild steel with five spikes.

Used in conjunction with a webbing sling around the truck as shown.

Capacity: 1500 kg

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Screws - Rigging & Straining


We offer a range of rigging & straining screws:

  • Open body
  • Closed body

Can be supplied with hook, eye and jaw end fittings or a combination of each.

Shackles - Bow & Dee


We offer a range of high tensile steel and alloy shackles:

  • Small Bow - self-colour or Galvanised
  • Large Bow - self-colour or Galvanised
  • Small Dee - self-colour or Galvanised
  • Large Dee - self-colour or Galvanised
  • Alloy Bow
  • Alloy Dee

  • Supplied with a screw pin or with a nut, bolt and split pin.

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Webbing Flat Slings


We offer a range of flat webbing slings:

  • Single leg
  • Two legs
  • Three legs
  • Four leg
  • Endless

  • Manufactured in the UK.

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Webbing RoundSlings


We offer a range of roundslings:

  • Single leg
  • Two legs
  • Three legs
  • Four leg
  • Endless

  • Manufactured in the UK.

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Wire Rope & Wire Belt Slings


We offer a range of wire rope and wire belt slings:

  • Single leg
  • Two legs
  • Three legs
  • Four leg
  • Endless

Supplied with a range of fittings including rings, hooks and jaws.

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