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Vacuum Lifting Equipment - VacuEasylift

Vacueasylift vacuum hoist

Vacueasylift vacuum hoist

The VacuEasylift is a great device for lifting a huge variety of different loads quickly and easily under complete control.


VacuEasylift uses vacuum for both lifting and holding the load. The vacuum is formed by a vacuum pump, which can be placed as far away as 30 meters from the actual lifting tube. The air is channelled through a filter and an air hose to the lifting tube fitted with a suction foot. The lifting tube is suspended from a swivel and will turn 360 degrees continuously. The vacuum inside the lifting tube is regulated with a control handle. When the partial vacuum rises the lifting tube retracts and lifts the load. When the partial vacuum lowers the tube expands, and lowers the load.

The suction foot holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor. Power cuts do not cause problems. If there is a power failure, a safety valve shuts down and the load is lowered gently and under complete control.


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some vacueasylift vacuum hoist examples

vacueasylift vacuum hoist



These can be lifted using a suction foot with multiple pads to suit the size and thickness of the board / sheet.


We can also pivot the boards from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

vacueasylift vacuum hoist



These can be taped or un-taped and of various sizes and weights.


Tall boxes can also be lifted with pads on the top and also on the sides. An extended, pivoting handle ensures perfect control.


vacueasylift vacuum hoist



These can be paper or plastic.


If the contents 'sags' in the sack, we can still lift it by adding a skirt to the suction pad to ensure a good seal (see image).

vacueasylift vacuum hoists



We can lift a variety of single drums from the lid.


We can also lift more than one at a time!



vacueasylift vacuum hoist




This is a very clever device - a battery operated vacueasylift that can be picked up by a truck. The truck could be a pallet truck, stacker truck or a forklift truck.


You can then move it to where you want to use it and when turned on it lowers two stabilising legs. It can then be used to lift items from a rack to a pallet located on its forks.


The mast height is adjustable to allow for different rack heights.


It can also be used to unload a container and with a different arm, lift right up to the roof.



vacueasylift vacuum hoists

Special stainless steel VacuEasylift models are manufactured for the food industry and for corrosive environments. ATEX pump and motor units are also available for hazardous environments.

Using different hoists, suction feet and other fittings the system can be adapted to lift objects of practically all shapes and sizes. E.g. television sets, sacks, planks, steel plates, cardboard boxes, cylinders, tins and furniture.

The VacuEasylift is CE certified. Every system is tested prior to delivery.

The VacuEasylift is commonly installed on a jib crane, runway beam or a push/pull overhead crane. We can manufacture this equipment to suit your requirements and building restrictions.

The maximum lifting capacity is 270 kg. This is your only real limit!.