HOOKA crane



hooka crane


hooka crane


hooka crane


hooka crane


The Hooka is a new unique crane, mounted on tracks and powered by a Honda pertrol engine.


Available for HIRE and SALE


It was initially designed to lift bulk bags and transport them safely around a building site. Therefore, it is slim enough to fit down the side of a house and also stable due to it supporting and gripping the load on its platform, rather than let it swing as it is transported.


The Hooka saves time and helps prevent injuries on tasks otherwise carried out by hand. Features include:


* Prevent manual handling injuries

* Only 1 metre wide

* No more barrowing

* Load increases stability

* Weighs only 1.8 tonnes


From its initial conception its useage has spiralled to include:


* Bulk bags

* Brick packs

* Block packs

* Steel beams

* Stones

* Lathes

* Tanks

* Wood

* Loading / unloading vehicles


It cam also be fitted with a hook to lift even more!




datasheet   Datasheet - Flyer


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