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We offer a comprehensive range of lifting clamps and grabs including scissor grabs, stone grabs, flat clamps, block grabs, pile lifting clamps, pile pitching clamps, universal plate clamps, horizontal plate clamps, girder clamps or beam clamps, pulling clamps, rail clamps and drum clamps.

clamps / Grabs - beam




Beam Clamp

The screwlok beam clamp or girder clamp is designed to fit the flanges of RSJ's and universal beams as a semi-permanent lifting point suitable for use with powered hoists, hand chain blocks, Tirfors, etc.

The SC range of beam clamps have a load pin incorporated for load suspension with reduced headroom (as shown) whilst the SC92 range of beam clamps have a shackle incorporated for load suspension.

Both beam clamps are available with the option of a gripping force indicator, which allows the operator to easily determine when the clamping jaws are clamped to the correct load/tension.


DatasheetDatasheet (with pin suspension)

DatasheetDatasheet (with shackle suspension)

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clamps / Grabs - blocks & stone




Block Grab

The block grab is also a scissor type grab and has swivelling jaws to allow parallel lifting of all sizes of blocks. The block grab can be supplied with special jaw surfaces and automatic andopen/close device as optional extras.

Block Grab Applications:

DatasheetDatasheet - Flat Grab

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clamps / grabs - blocks & stone

Flat Clamp

A range of flat lifting clamps suitable for lifting:

Flat Lifting Clamp Applications:

  • Tightly positioned blocks
  • Rough stones with parallel sides
  • Concrete parts with parallel sides

  • DatasheetDatasheet

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clamps / grabs - blocks & stone



Block Clamps Grabs

A range of stone clamps suitable for lifting:

Stone Grab Applications:

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clamps / grabs - board

board clamp

A simple and effective way to vertically lift and transport a variety of materials such as wood, MDF, plasterboard, stone and plastics.


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clamps /grabs - drum lifting

Drum Clamp

We offer a wide range of drum dollies, drum clamps, drum grips, drum rim grip lifters, drum manipulators, drum rotators, and drum tongs. Some come with different mounting options:

Mounting Options:

  • Suspended from a hoist or crane
  • Forklift truck mounted

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clamps / grabs - manhole lifting



manhole grab


manhole cover lifter

We supply a range of manhole lifting and handling equipment including:


Manhole lifting pins

Manhole housing grab

Manhole clamps

Manhole grabs

Manhole internal housing grab

Manhole cover lifter


DatasheetDatasheet - Manhole Housing Grab

DatasheetDatasheet - Manhole Clamp

DatasheetDatasheet - Manhole Grab

DatasheetDatasheet - Manhole Internal Housing Grab

DatasheetDatasheet - Manhole Cover Lifter


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clamps / grabs - panel lifters



panel lifter

We offer a range of CARRYMATE manually operated panel lifters for:

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clamps / grabs - pulling

Pulling Clamp

The pulling clamp offers many possible uses and are ideally suited to the construction industry.

The unique design of the spindle on the pulling clamp makes it easy to attach to angle plate. This is achieved by simply turning the handle which applied the pressure to the plate holding it securley.

A second lifting/pulling point enables the pulling clamp to be used to pull in two different directions.

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clamps / grabs - rail

Rail Clamp

The rail clamps are designed to lift and pull single or multiple rails.

Rail Clamp Applications:

  • Single rail clamps
  • Rail pulling clamps
  • Multi rail clamps

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clamps / grabs - scissor

Round Stock Grab

The scissor grab is ideal for handling round materials such as bar, tube and pipes. The scissor grab can be supplied with lined jaws and an automatic open/close device as optional extras.

Scissor Grab Applications:

  • Round bar
  • Tube & pipes

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clamps / grabs - sheet pile / pulling


The pile pitching clamps & pile lifting clamps are specifically designed for pitching and pulling out sheet steel piling. The pile clamps are easily attached and a quick release facility exists on the pitching clamp (pictured), operated by a rope from ground level.


The pile pulling clamps are designed to pull out driven piles or trench shielding.


DatasheetDatasheet - Pile Clamp

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clamps / grabs - sheet steel / plate

Horizontal Plate Clamp

The horizontal plate clamp is designed to be used in pairs to move plate material in the horizontal position.

A single pair of horizontal plate clamps fitted to a two leg chain sling (maximum sling angle 90º) is all that is required for lifting short lengths of plate. Long lengths of plate must be lifted using 2 pairs of horizontal plate clamps supported from a lifting beam.

Standard horizontal plate clamps are supplied with smooth jaws with the option of serrated hardened steel teeth if requested.

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clamps / grabs - sheet steel / plate

Plate Clamp

The universal plate clamp is designed to lift and turn over plates in one smooth operation from the horizontal to the true vertical position and vice versa, efficiently and safely.

The universal plate clamp is available with either a standard hooking for use with existing sling hook, or with integral short chain sling for safe direct fitting on to the crane hook'.

If you want to use a universal plate clamp for stainless steel and other materials, please contact our sales office.

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clamps / grabs - sheet steel / plate


The CX and CY hinged universal plate clamps have been developed especially for the handling of plate at an angle thus permitting the awkward lifts previously considered hazardous.

The CX universal plate clamp is particularly suitable for handling fabrications because of the facility of the lifting eye and link.

If you want to use a universal plate clamp for stainless steel and other materials, please contact our sales office.